Wellness Exams  

Every year we see our doctor for our yearly examination – and so should our pets!

The Wellness Exam is a physical examination performed by our veterinarians to assess your pets overall health. This allows our vets to evaluate your pets general wellness by checking:


  • Mouth, Teeth, & Gums

  • Eyes & Ears

  • Heart & Lungs

  • Skin & Hair Coat

  • Gastrointestinal Tract & Internal Organs

  • Temperature & More


To learn more about how your veterinarian examines and assess your pet’s health in a physical exam, follow this link to view a video on the physical exam.


We all know that our pet’s age differently than we do, and because of that, their care changes more rapidly as they age. In clinic, a pet is considered ‘mature’ by the age of 5, and ‘senior’ by the age of 7. Because of this, we recommend that our senior friends receive their wellness examinations at least twice a year, more often if there are any concerns.


Since our furry companions are aging more rapidly, it is also true that age related conditions occur earlier in life. These conditions are often easily managed, and frequent examination can allow us to detect these issues early to keep your pet happy and healthy throughout their entire lives.


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One of the hardest things about being a pet parent is not knowing what to do when your pet becomes sick. Not only are they unable to tell us what is wrong, but due to survival instincts ingrained into them, they often try to hide signs of illness to avoid being seen as 'weak'. Because of this, a situation is often much worse than the animal lets on and small signs of discomfort or pain could indicate a much larger condition. 

Southfort Vet Clinic strives to ensure that medical conditions are caught early and treated quickly so that our pets can recover quickly and easily and without complications. To ensure your pets get the proper care we are open 7 days a week and evenings so that your pet can be treated as soon as possible. 

We always make room for a sick or injured pet to be seen. We also accept walk-ins, however, it is helpful to give us a call while you are on your way down if possible so that our team is able to better prepare for what you may need.

If your pet is not doing well, give us a call at 780-912-3800 and we will make sure that you get in. No pet should have to experience pain or discomfort any longer than absolutely necessary. 

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  Wellness Exams and Senior Pets   


  Exams for Injury or Illness