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We can tell a lot about a pet from a physical exam, but it can't tell us everything. when we go to the doctor ourselves, we are often prescribed additional testing to rule out - or in - certain conditions. Not only do we offer diagnostics, but unlike with human medicine, there is no need to wait.

We provide many in house tests so that you don't have to wait for answers and your pet can get the targeted treatment they need as quickly as possible. 


A Complete Blood Count helps us to determine the health and quality of the cells within the blood as well as the quantity. While it may seem like a relatively simple test it can tell us plenty about the current state of the pet. Here are just a few of the conditions we can check for by running an in-house CBC

  • Infection

  • Anemia

  • Dehydration

  • Blood Clotting Abilities

  • Parasitic & Allergic Reactions

  • Certain Types of Cancer

Blood Chemistry

A Blood Chemistry Panel tells us information about how the organs are working. While there are multiple panels that can be run, some of the main things we look for in a chemistry panel are

  • Liver & Kidney Function 

  • Thyroid levels

  • Blood Glucose Values

  • Pancreatic Enzymes

  • Hormonal Abnormalities

With our team of highly trained Registered Veterinary Technicians on hand we are able to run fresh urine samples in house every day and give you your results within an hour. From checking for infections to identifying crystals that may lead to bladder stones, our technicians are equipped to identify conditions early on that can be dangerous and potentially fatal to your pet

  • Urinary Tract Infections

  • Kidney Failure

  • Crystals 

  • Diabetes 

Along with examining blood and urine samples, our technicians are trained to perform microscopic examinations of many different types of samples including

  • Skin Scrapings

  • Ear Swabs

  • Impression Smears

  • Fine Needle Aspirates

  • Fecal Samples

  • Parasite Identification

  • Tape Smears & More

Southfort Vet Clinic is equipped with a brand new state of the art Radiography Machine. We are able to take digital images in clinic for quick diagnosis and limit the amount of radiation your pet is exposed to. While our machine is not infallible, we are able to offer high quality radiographs with lower amounts of radiation exposure. We are able to do this by

  • Determining specific image technique values based on your individual pets weight

  • Calculating amount of exposure required for different densities of area being x-rayed

  • Pairing with your individual patient code to prevent human error

  • Digitally enhance images

  • Integrated Software for Stat Specialist Reporting within 60 minutes or less

  • 2 forms of image backup

While we are capable of testing for many conditions in house, there are cases for advanced specialized testing may be appropriate. For cases like this, we have paired up with Idexx Reference Laboratories for additional testing services including

  • Vaccines Titre Testing

  • Culture & Sensitivity

  • Allergy Testing

  • Disease Specific Testing

  • Lyme Disease Testing

  • Tumor Analysis & More

Dental X-Ray Machine is coming soon

While we do not currently have an in house ultrasound,we have partnered with FVS Ultrasound Imaging to provide Ultrasounds to our patients in clinic. Dr. Friesen, a certified ultrasonographer is able to travel to our clinic Monday-Thursday to provide ultrasounds to our clients without the need to travel to an emergency clinic (or incur those emergency fees). We are able to perform examinations for

  • Abdomen

  • Thorax

  • Heart (Echocardiograms)

  • & Neck Region

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