Animal Blood Bank   


There is always a need for blood donors - whether it be for humans or animals. That is why the Canadian Animal Blood Bank was founded. Ideally our pets never need a blood transfusion of their own, but if they do, animal blood donors are there. 

Starting May 2019, Southfort Veterinary Clinic will be partnering with the Canadian Animal Blood Bank (CABB) to open a satellite donor clinic at our facility. Our goal is to create awareness for this amazing cause, encourage community involvement, and of course, save lives! We are so fortunate to have our pets with us every day. There is no better way to celebrate our lives with them than helping fellow pet owners keep their animals with them. 

Some Common Reasons Animals May Need a Blood Transfusion

  • Anemia

  • Traumatic Injury resulting in Severe Blood Loss

  • Warfarin (Rat) Poisoning

  • Parvoviris Infection

  • Sepsis

  • Cancer Therapy Support 

  • Hemophilia

Donations are not without their rewards. Here are a few of the things your pet will receive as a blood donor

  • Bragging Rights - Your pet will be featured on CABB's Facebook & Instagram and will be added to Southfort Vet Clinics Wall of Fame

  • Bandana & Blood Donor Dog Tag

  • Microchip Identification

  • Milestone Dog Tags

  • Free Units of blood for each donation should your pet require it over the course of their life

  • Simple blood analysis at the time of collection

All blood donor dogs must be

  • 55lbs or more

  • 1-8yrs of age

  • Up to date on vaccinations

  • Of good temperament

  • In good health

To learn more about the Canadian Animal Blood Bank, please visit their website. If you would like to help dogs across the country and sign up your pet as a donor, print off the Donor Registration Form and have your veterinarian sign it. All qualifying dogs are welcome to participate in our donor clinics, whether they are our patients or not!

If you would like to sign up for one of our donor clinics, please email our clinic with the Subject Line CABB Donation and your donor registration form (if this is your first time donating), or call our clinic and request to speak with Alyssa. Thank you so much for your consideration of this wonderful cause and we hope to hear from you soon!

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